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Building Envelope Management is an independent, full-service consulting firm in Miami-Dade. BEM provides professional building services that consist of survey & analysis, design, and construction, with a strong focus on the building envelope (roofing, waterproofing, exterior walls, and parking & plaza decks). The building envelope presents a virtually endless combination of air and moisture conditions with which the designer, owner, and occupants must live and work. These complex systems must function as a unified, efficient building enclosure that meet spatial, performance, and aesthetic standards.

Building Envelope Survey & Analysis

Detailed visual condition surveys and documentation of the extent of distress. Evaluate any issues to determine the cause and making recommendations for viable solutions.

Roof Management Plan

Creating a database which can track an Owner’s roofing information and help determine what the facility needs will be in the next year, the next five years or in the long range. By performing a regular proactive roof maintenance program on a well designed and installed roof system, owners can achieve 25 to 30 years of service life from their roofs.

Design Services

Prepare Plans, Specifications, and other Contract Documents suitable for Bidding and Construction. Conduct Product Evaluation, Comparative Cost Estimates, Recommendation of Materials, and Application Procedures.

Warranty Claims Assistance

Assisting building owners as well as manufacturers to thoroughly investigate roofs that have been experiencing persistent problems, to determine the issues that caused the warranty claim.

Document Review and Bid Leveling

Reviewing your roof project documents to ensure that they meet industry and manufacturer’s standards. When it’s time to put your project out for bids, BEM can assist with distribution of the documents as well as development of an invited bidders list. Also, confirming that your bidders are all pricing the same scope of services.

Project Management

Provide Pre-Construction Planning including Life-Cycle Costing, Building Code Interpretations, and Cost vs. Benefit Analysis. Conduct bidding and negotiation to select qualified contractor; provide bidding analysis and contract award recommendations. Review Shop Drawings, Submittals, Manufacturers Requirements, and Industry Standard of Care. Review Contractors Applications for Payment, and Conduct Final Inspections. As a Building Envelope Consultant, serve as a member of A/E Team, review the Plans and Specifications concerning building envelope systems, prepare details and specifications, and review submittals and substitution requests.

Quality Assurance

Providing our client with a daily report of all activities related to the project. We closely monitor the demolition of the old roof system and the installation of all new components, including insulation, membrane, base flashings, sheet metal flashings and temporary tie-ins. Each daily report identifies the location of the work, the materials used, the quantity of roofing installed, the contractor crew size, the hours worked, the identities of all visitors and the weather conditions. Each report also states if the work follows the plans and specifications, describes any problems or deficiencies that occur, and records what actions were taken to correct the conditions.

Preventative Maintenance

A preventative maintenance program consists our qualified roof inspector walking all roof areas while documenting all observed deficiencies with photographs, a written report and field generated roof plans. This information can then be entered into our Building Envelope Asset Manager (BEAM) system which can be tracked on a regular basis. An AutoCAD generated roof plan is then developed locating all deficient conditions. Upon request, BEM will contact qualified local contractors to coordinate getting all required repairs completed.

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